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May 14--Teaching Hive Demo @4pm

May 31--Board Meeting

June 13--BCBA Annual Picnic (please RSVP by email)

For a healthy alternative, try cooking and baking with honey! There are many recipes and substitutions available to test out in your kitchen.


Our 2017 Beginner Beekeeping Course was a great success!!

Thank you so much to our wonderful speakers: Jim Bobb, Vince Aloyo, and Scott Guiser.

Also thank you to the BCBA Executive Board for all their efforts in making the course so great.

We look forward to seeing all the attendees at the BCBA General Meetings as they start their beekeeping adventure!

Teaching Hive Demo--This Sunday!

May 14 |  4pm  |  Jackson Pond

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  • Bee Informed Partnership: National Colony Loss and Management Survey
    • Warm up your keyboard, grab a cup of coffee and take the Bee Informed Partnership National Colony Loss and Management Surveys! You can find them by following this link: http://26.selectsurvey.net/beeinformed/TakeSurvey.aspx?SurveyID=2017
    • We need you! We know it is one of the busiest times of the year for beekeepers and we thank you for taking valuable time from your colonies to participate in the National Colony Loss and Management Surveys. The surveys are now live and will close on April 30th!
    • The Colony Loss Survey has evolved from our winter loss survey conducted 11 years ago. Now we monitor summer losses as well. The National Management Survey is conducted annually in conjunction with the Colony Loss Survey. The two surveys are aimed at looking for relationships between colony losses and colony management (including disease treatment strategies, supplemental feeding, etc.) and/or other factors that may influence colony health (such as colony location, honey production, and forage type).
    • We are excited to share our dynamic state map located at https://bip2.beeinformed.org/geo where you can view state losses from all years of the survey.   At that site, you will see annual, winter and summer losses as well as the number of participants and colony numbers for your state. Dynamic management reports that have resulted from previous years’ surveys can now be found at https://bip2.beeinformed.org/survey. This exciting data management explorer lets you see what actionable practices are correlated with improving survivorship!
    • We need your responses! Some of you may be contacted independently by the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) of the USDA to participate in their first quarterly colony loss survey. We encourage all beekeepers contacted by NASS to answer BOTH BIP and NASS surveys.
    • If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at support@beeinformed.org.  
    • Once again, thank you for your participation, The Bee Informed Partnership
    • The Fine Print (read quickly and with a serious voice): Please do not complete the survey more than once. Information about past Loss and National Management Surveys and the annual reports can be found online at http://beeinformed.org/.


Tuesday, June 13


Doylestown Central Park
BCBA Annual Picnic!

Join BCBA for our Annual Picnic! Please RSVP by emailing info@bucksbeekeepers.com.

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All apiaries in PA are required to be registered with the PA Department of Agriculture--here is the application!


BEES for 2017

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2017 Beginner beekeeping course

There is an endless list of references for beginner and advanced beekeepers. So the saying goes, ask 5 beekeepers a question and you'll get 7 answers. Here's a place to get you started.

- Marla Spivak  -

Every backyard beekeeper needs a place to start and a place to keep going. View our list of resources including books, supplies, videos, and more.

"I am fascinated by the interactions between bees.

I am fascinated by the interactions between beekeepers."