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September 13-- General Meeting and Ice Cream Social

For a healthy alternative, try cooking and baking with honey! There are many recipes and substitutions available to test out in your kitchen.


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  • For Sale at the General Meeting: beekeeping items from experienced beekeeper Louis Zeleskey
    1.      SCREENED TOP FEEDERS: This simple, easy to use method of feeding syrup to your hives is a must have!  Inverted mason jars [filled with syrup] sit atop a screened pedestal.  You can easily change out syrup jars with zero risk of bees flying out!  Cost:  $8.00
    2.      SWARM BOX: Given our mild, yet chaotic weather through the winter, many colonies built up early and the chance of a big swarm season is on the horizon.  These well made, ventilated swarm retrieval boxes are easy to carry in your car to make you ready at a moment’s notice should a swarm present itself.  The box holds standard deep frames and is a safe and sure way to transport bees.  Cost: $32.00
    3.      SWARM RETAINING BOX:  Why give your girls a chance to leave at all?  This innovative box sits at the front of the hive.  Foragers can come and go, the Queen however, will be retained in the box should a swarm begin to emerge from your hive.  Check out the details and construction at next Tuesday’s General Meeting, you’ll be[e] glad you did!!  Cost:  25.00
    4.      QUEEN INTRODUCTION CAGE:  Don’t you hate receiving a beautiful Queen in a tiny, tiny little cage?  Well move her from the miniature confines and place in one of Lou Zeleskey’s Queen Introduction Cages.  The cage is a full front to back depth of standard frame.  You Queen will have more room to move and more potential for spreading her pheromones hive wise!  Price:  Will be made available at next week’s meeting!  Don’t miss this great tool!
    CAN’T MAKE TUESDAY’S MEETING?? Well don’t let your absence preclude your potential ownership of these great beekeeping accessories!  Contact Louis directly at: 215-295-8064 or LouZBeekeeper@gmail.com

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September General Meeting

Tuesday, September 13

Speaker: Vince Aloyo

Topic: Winter Prep

& Ice Cream Social


All apiaries in PA are required to be registered with the PA Department of Agriculture--here is the application!

BCBA Annual Picnic 2015

Bucks County Beekeepers Association in Doylestown, PA

There is an endless list of references for beginner and advanced beekeepers. So the saying goes, ask 5 beekeepers a question and you'll get 7 answers. Here's a place to get you started.

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Every backyard beekeeper needs a place to start and a place to keep going. View our list of resources including books, supplies, videos, and more.

"I am fascinated by the interactions between bees.

I am fascinated by the interactions between beekeepers."